How to take Christie home

Many of my students have jobs and lives that take them far from Riverside, Calif., where I teach. Sometimes we can find a new teacher to suit their needs. Often, however, they must continue their yoga practice without access to a teacher to help them address questions or problems that arise.

From their needs, the concept for this site arose. Those who choose to use it can post general comments or questions that will be answered on the site by written post or video.

Over time, the site will be home to a library of video practice points.

Videos will be available for purchase, with prices ranging from $1-$3. Purchase of videos will give you the URL that will allow you repeated access at any time. After the purchase of five videos, the sixth is free. Contact Christie at on how to get your free video.

Videos will be available at three levels of instruction:

Foundations: These lessons will focus on core actions within poses.

Symmetry: These videos address how to meet challenges to correct action and alignment.

Health/repair: These longer videos will detail alignment actions within poses to meet particular health needs.

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